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Original, extremely performing and simple to install, the new E19 Malossi air filter, dedicated to the Yamaha T-Max, changes the rules of the game and further widens the already rich range of products, designed for the suction of the Japanese V-twin model.

E 19 is implemented externally in open-cell polyurethane and internally, it is reinforced with a metal mesh armour. The filtering element is 15 mm thick, it is self-extinguishing and offers a great accumulation capacity, owing to the density of 60 holes per inch, whereas its internal mesh accurately keeps the shape and the size of the same filter. 

The suction horns are incorporated by means of a satin-finished aluminium support, fastened on the sleeves of the same horns. This particular structure allows a suction spacing of 180°, assuring the engine a remarkable fresh air supply. The support is provided with the connections for the temperature sensor, for the vents of the oil vapours and for the air duct of the idling speed mode.

The installation and the maintenance of E19 are a real breath of “fresh air”: the whole structure of this filter, as a matter of fact, is fastened with only two screws and it can be disassembled even when the fairing is assembled.  The filtering element becomes bright red, and the Malossi logo stands out in yellow colour and it leans on a compact polyurethane base structure, red as well, as if it were the beating heart of your T-Max.

Products reserved exclusively for racing in specifically designed locations according to the provisions of the competent sporting authorities. We disclaim all liability for improper use

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