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Malossi fuel system

These systems have been specially designed and calibrated for high-performancemotors, and are complete with all accessories needed for assembly (see generalcatalogue).
MALOSSI is the leader in the design and production of specialfuel systems for motorcycles and scooters.
MALOSSI systems are the result of intense research and precision drawingsand calculations. The suction pipes, reed valves, and air intakes designedby MALOSSI undergo efficiency tests and destructive tests to check theirperformance and reliability.
Carburetors are customized for each vehicle according to the specific characteristicsof the motor and air intake, and are completely calibrated for dosage ofthe air-fuel mixture under all power delivery conditions.
MALOSSI produces special components for fuel systems in order to supplya product that responds perfectly to the needs of the most demanding customer.

Technical features:
Carburettor with elastic connection (B) and adjusting screws on the left (S).


Products reserved exclusively for racing in specifically designed locations according to the provisions of the competent sporting authorities. We disclaim all liability for improper use

SKU Naziv
0211989Btilted intake manifold ø 26x35 wheelbase 60,5
0411461red filter e14 ø 38 inclined 30° for phbl 22 carburettors
134929Bintake rubber inner ø 35 for honda 80 mbx
1312068Bfilter bellows
210777Bclamp h.9 mm tightening 32 ÷ 50
210871Bclamp h.9 mm tightening 25 ÷ 45
220850Bstarter cable length 475 mm - ø wire 1,2mm
263997inclined tube kit 90°
6511990Bmanual fuel tap
7212011carburettor phbh 26 bs mhr