GORILLA ARM Racing PATENT nosilec motorja

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Only for vehicles with a Malossi engine casing MHR C-one / RC-one


Patent pending PATENT

To revolutionize the world of racing scooters, it is necessary to go further, invent new opportunities for customization, and find innovative and original solutions.

Malossi actually did start from these requirements to conceive GORILLA ARM, the new and futuristic engine mount.

Apart from the fundamental requirements of performance and safety, the new Malossi engine mount stands out for three unique features that make it exceptionally versatile.


The characteristics of modern racing scooters reached absolutely unthinkable heights when they were introduced and it was clear for some time that the original engine mount was no longer suitable. The new Malossi GORILLA ARM reformulates the component and introduces an extremely sturdy box structure that is absolutely insensitive toany type of torsion. Its shape goes perfectly well with the increased length of the long arm Piaggio or C-One Malossi casing, more stable because less subject to sudden the forces that govern the movement of a short arm casing. Thanks to its completely redesigned anchor point, that connects to the original attachments of the engine casing, GORILLA ARM is absolutely impossible to break.


Malossi has conceived GORILLA ARM to offer pilots a high number of opportunities for the customization of the chassis, by acting on the axle spacing and the work angle of the engine casing, the bearing element of the chassis.

Thanks to a system of eccentrics obtained from a block of selected aluminium and locked into the main structure of GORILLA ARM, it is possible to change the chassis of the scooter completely:

  • 3 axle spacing adjustments
  • 6 simple presets for the rotation of the eccentrics
  • 2 front anchor points that vary the other adjustments by 30%.

All this guarantees an impressive number of positions on which you can adjust GORILLA ARM, literally sewing up the chassis of the scooter around you.


The standard engine mount has always limited the development of racing exhaust systems in two-stroke scooters. To overcome this drawback, Malossi decided to revolutionize the coupling system that connects GORILLA ARM to the engine casing, completely eliminating the central pin and greatly increasing the available space in order to finally be able to design exhaust systems with an optimal aerodynamic development.

GORILLA ARM is a product that Malossi imagined and studied for a long time, trying endless technical solutions before depositing the patent. And now the idea, the passion, the work and the technology that allowed us to create GORILLA ARM, make us extremely proud to present to our enthusiastic customers the absolute state of the art in terms of strength, performance and customization.



  • Box-shaped system with four 4mm steel arms joined together by two 2 mm steel plates that incorporate a tube of ø 45 mm with a thickness of 2.5 mm.
  • All of this, laser cut, is joined with stretches of TIG welding in precise points, the result of structural calculations.
  • It has reached the resistance to bending with elastic return at 15,000 newtons for 2,000 cycles.
  • Stripped and painted with transparent paint treated in the kiln, equipped with every detail, including the instructions for assembly, for which there are no problems of any kind, being perfectly interchangeable with the original.
  • Aluminium caps with double axle spacing holes and 5 threaded holes for engine tilt reference.
  • High resistance plastic buffers.




Level of compatible elaboration


Carter C-one / RC-one