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The variator has been improved to renew the transmission system as well as to exploit its extraordinary technical features: so we have come out with Multivar MHR Next. This new variator is the evolution of the previous generations, born from the very experience drawn from race tracks and from modern Cad-Cam technology; it allows to achieve the highest performance results.

The mobile half-pulley is the component characterising the entire system and for this reason is subject to constant evolution. Designed with a larger diameter than the original, it allows a significantly higher increase in the transmission ratio with respect to the original pulley. Advanced Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) systems have allowed our technicians to analyse the movements of the entire vehicle while running, in order to further optimise the geometry of the pulley and avoid collisions even in the most critical conditions of use. The new stiffening ribs, designed to lighten the less critical areas, allows reduced inertia and consequently less engine power dissipation. For high-impact visual appeal, the MALOSSI and MULTIVAR logos have been subjected to a diamond-cutting process.


Technical specifications

  • Further widened gear range (especially short gear)
  • Improved shifting consistency
  • Hard anodized - black
  • Modified roller guides to allow greater operational linearity while maintaining maximum power
  • Case-hardened and ground machined steel sliding bushing
  • Hardened, ground machined, chromed steel hub- New one-piece rollers with a better performing compound
  • Supplied with two different roller sets and two shims in order to change the number of revolutions of the gear curve of your vehicle perfectly adjusting its speed and acceleration

NB: For an even better performance we suggest you to combine the variator with the new X K Belt MHR (art. 6118071).


Products reserved exclusively for racing in specifically designed locations according to the provisions of the competent sporting authorities. We disclaim all liability for improper use

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1913515E2 shims ø 35x25x0,5
2315248Bhub (ø 35x25x75.8 mm) for multivar 2000 variator
2613738Bmoplen circlip ø 22x35x16
37154538 sliders for multivar 2000 variator
6118039Bmovable half-pulley for multivar 2000 mhr next variator
6613561.A08 htroll rollers ø 25x14,9 gr.12
6613561.B08 htroll rollers ø 25x14,9 gr.13
6617885Boil-seal ø 35x44x4
7615375Btube of lubricating grease 7.1 mhr grease gr.40
SKU Naziv
6118154over range mhr next
6118612over range for kymco ak 550 engines